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paddle board in the calm waters of Playa del Carmen

Sian Ka'an biking adventure 🚵

🥾 Hiking in the Otomi forest


Discover Mexico through unique pre-designed experiences tailored for you

Discover Mexico through unique pre-designed experiences tailored for you. Immerse yourself in meticulously crafted adventures that will take you to explore Mexico's natural and cultural beauty like never before. From bike tours on the stunning paths of Sian Ka'an to a full day of exploration in Tulum, vibrant city tours in Cancun, culinary mornings in Playa del Carmen and Hiking Adventure in the Otomi Forest each experience is designed to fully immerse you in the landscapes, history, and vibrant life of our destinations.


Biking Adventures

Explore Sian Ka'an

Biking adventure in Sian Ka’an

Start from the hotel zone of Tulum on a bike and embark on a journey to the impressive Sian Ka'an reserve, culminating your adventure in Punta Allen. Difficulty level: Medium. Suitable for cyclists with moderate experience.

Biking Adventure in Sian Ka’an

Otomi Forest

Hiking adventure

Hiking adventure in the Otomi forest

Embark on a rejuvenating hike through the lush Otomi Forest, the natural oasis closest to Mexico City. Traverse serene trails, breathe in the fresh pine-scented air, and witness the rich biodiversity of this tranquil woodland. Ending your journey with panoramic views that capture the essence of Mexico's diverse landscapes. Difficulty level: Medium to High. Ideal for those seeking an active and immersive nature experience near the urban hustle.

Hiking Adventure in the Otomi Forest

Tulum's Ruins

Ancient history

Complete tour of Tulum

Discover the iconic ruins of Tulum, refresh yourself in the Corazon del Paraiso cenote, and relax in the calm waters of Akumal beach. Difficulty level: Low. Perfect for families and travelers looking for a relaxed and cultural experience.

Corazon del Paraiso cenote

Cancún City

Vibrant life

City tour in Cancun

Explore the best of Cancun with a tour that will take you from the iconic hotel zone to the colorful Mercado 28 de artesanias and the vibrant center of Cancun. Difficulty level: Low. Ideal for those who wish to get to know the city in a comfortable and entertaining way.

Traveler with an actor dressed as a pirate on the Cancun city tour

Playa del Carmen


Gastronomic & natural in Playa del Carmen

Start your day savoring authentic Yucatecan food, followed by a visit to the serene Playa Xcacel, the refreshing Xcacelito cenote, and a stroll along the lively Quinta Avenida. Difficulty level: Low to Medium. Perfect for lovers of gastronomy, nature, and shopping.

Cenotes in Playa del Carmen

Local driver/guide included

Each experience includes expert guides who will accompany you throughout the journey, ensuring a safe and enriching adventure. The difficulty levels for each experience are clearly indicated, ensuring that travelers can choose the adventure that best suits their abilities and expectations.

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